Colloquium: Road to Physical Ethology

    (Note: Some english titles were translated from the Japanese original titles by the web-mater.)

    Step 42 Dr. Shigeru Kuroda (RIES, Hokkaido Univ.) "Emergent behaviour and short term adaptation in a unicellular organism (Parameciucm) : observation and modelling" (2018/3/13)
    Step 41 Dr. Mark Fricker (University of Oxford), "Self-organised adaptive networks", (2018/1/18)
    Step 40 Dr. Hans-Gunther Dobereiner (Univesitat Bremen, Germany, Singapore National Univ.) "Emergency Foraging and Viscoelastic Properties of Physarum polycephalum", (2017/8/24)
    Step 39 Dr. K.Wakabayashi (Tokyo Institute of Technology) (2017/7/24)
    Step 38 Dr. T.Aoki (Kagawa Univ.) "A math-geographical model of cites and road network", (2017/3/22)
    Step 37 Dr. S.Ishihara (Meiji Univ.) "A continuum model for defomation of the biological tissue" (2017/3/9)
    Step 36: Dr. M.Nishikawa (Hosei Univ.) "Controlling contractile instabilities in the actomyosin cortex" (2017/02/28)
    Step 35: Dr. R.Tsubaki (JAMSTEC) "Water transporting system of sponges" (2016/11/28)
    Step 34: Dr. A.Mikhailov (Fritz-Haber-Institut der Max-Planck-Gesellschaft) "On the spiral waves in excitable media" (2016/11/18)
    Step 33: Dr. A.Mikhailov (Fritz-Haber-Institut der Max-Planck-Gesellschaft) "Autonomous learning by adaptable dynamical systems" (2016/11/17)
    Step 32: Dr. H.R.Brand (University of Bayreuth) "On tetrahedratic order and chiral symmetry breaking" (2016/08/31)
    Step 31: Dr. T.Sakurai (Chiba univ.) "Fluctuation induced morphogenesis" (2016/03/18)
    Step 30: Dr. Y.Sato (Hokkaido univ.) "Deterministic diffusion in locomotion of microorganisms" (2016/02/24)
    Step 29: Dr. K.Shigetomi (Hokkaido Univ.) "(Part 1) Cell Origami; (Part 2) Eukaryotic flagella as motile tools for microfluidic devices" (2016.02.22)
    Step 28: Ms. A.Yoshida and Dr. S.Sakurazawa (Hakodate Future Univ.) "Micro robot by self-excited vibration gel" (2016.01.28)
    Step 27: Dr. R.Kamiya (Gakushuin Univ. and Chuo Univ.) "Function of cilia and Dynamics of local bioconvection"; (2015.12.16)
    Step 26: Dr. M.Iima (Hiroshima Univ.) "Dynamics of local bioconvection"; (2015.12.15)
    Step 25: Dr. M.Iima (Hiroshima Univ.) "Mathematical model for spreading Physarum on 2D mesh" (2015.12.15)
    Step 24: Dr. N.Uchida (Tohoku Univ.) "Collective dynamics of cilia and flagella by hydrodynamic interaction" (2015.12.14)
    Step 23: Dr. K.Ito (Hiroshima Univ.) "Mathematical model for spreading Physarum on 2D mesh" (2015.12.08)
    Step 22: Mr. Y.Okuma (Hiroshima Univ.) "Experimental study for the descision making of the one-dimensional spreading slime" (2015.12.08)
    Step 21: Dr. James P.Keener (Univesity of Uta, USA) "Regulation of Flagella" (2015.11.03)
    Step 20: Dr. Bao-Liang Lu (Shanghai Jiao Tong Univ., China) "Canonical computation which operate used in brain?" (2015.11.03)
    Step 19: Dr. Takuma Sugi (kyoto University) "Behavior of nematoda" (2015.10.21)
    Step 18: Dr. Helmut Brand (Theoretische Physik III, Univ. Bayreuth) "On the influence of noise on dissipative solitons and their interaction" (2015.09.09)
    Step 17: Dr. Mark Fricker (Department of plant sciences, University of Oxford) "Determining the rules for self-organized adaptive biological networks" (2015.07.08)
    Step 16: Dr. Yoshimi Tanaka (Yokohana National Univ.) "Solvent effect on fracture behavior of polyacrylamide gels" (2015.03.09)
    Step 15: Dr. Akiko Satake (Faculty of Env. Earth Sci, Hokkaidou University) "Mathematical models can give us useful insights on plant way of life" (2015.02.16)
    Step 14: Dr. Makoto Iima (Hiroshima University) "A phase oscillator model for contraction dynamics in true slime mould" (2015.02.05)
    Step 13: Mr. Mitsusuke Tarama (Kyoto Univesity) "Dynamics of active deformable particles" (2015.01.27)
    Step 12: Miss Ayano Yoshida and Dr. Shigeru Sakurazawa (Hakodate Future University) "Gel robot" (2015.01.23)
    Step 11: Dr. Takuma Sugi (kyoto University) "Habituation and memory in C. elegans" (2015.01.19)
    Step 10: Dr. Kentaro Ito (Hiroshima University) "A mathematical model for true slime mould" (2015.01.13)
    Step 09: Takahiro Noguchi (Yokohama National Univ.) "Supercoiling of catenary by Physarum vein" (2014.04.25)
    Step 08: Dr. Helmut Brand (University of Bayreuth (Germany)) "Macroscopic behavior of active systems with a dynamic preferred direction, which can be axial or polar in nature." (2014.09.10)
    Step 07: Dr. Harunori Monobe (Meiji University) "Existence and behavior of spherically symmetric solutions for a free boudary problem related to cell motion." (2014.09.09)
    Step 06: Dr. Marc Lefranc (CNRS, Universite Lille 1 (France)) "Entrainment of circadian clocks in all weather and seasons: lessons from a picoalga." (2014.07.24)
    Step 05: Yoshimi Tanaka (Yokohama National Univ.) "Active catenary" (2014.04.25)
    Step 04: Katsuhiko Satoh (RIKEN CDB) Part1: "Spontaneous oscillation in muscle and locally and globally coupled oscillator", Part 2 "Shear banding and 1st order phase transition" (2014.04.18)
    Step 03: Kei Nishi (Nagayama Lab, Hokkaido Univ.) "Introduction of center manifold reduction (part 1)" (2014.03.30)
    Step 02: Naoki Hatanaka and Kentaro Ito (Kobayashi Lab, Hiroshima Univ.) 「1dim simulation of expansion pattern in Physarum polycepharum" (2013.11.15)
    Step 01: Tatsuya Yamaguchi (Tero Lab, Kyushu Univ.) "Mathematical model of space memory in Cilliate" (2013.11.15)
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